Drew Hoover, Artist
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First Place: 

Wilmington Art Association Annual Show


Award of Excellence:

The Arts Council of Carteret County

Five O-Clock Dock

Pastel on Paper

24" x 36"

First Place: Carolina Artist Gallery "Rescue Me" Art Show

Water Hound

Oil on Canvas

24" x 36"

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Pastel on Museum Board

Image Size 11.5" X 14"

Accepted! View this painting at the Annual Pastel Society Show in Charlotte during May & June.

Support Breast Cancer Awareness with a print for someone you love.

The Lord is My Helper

13" x 19" Print


All proceeds to Susan G. Komen Foundation

About My Work.....


Most of my work falls into two distinct categories: portraits of people and animals, and landscapes.

Although my work is controlled and quiet, I want the viewer to feel the emotional and psychological messages that are just below the surfaces. I enjoy exploiting light, color and texture to capture an expression or mood in order to convey a moment in time.

My portraits are always informal and candid. For each work, I choose the medium that has the most appropriate characteristics for my theme and will work best with the chosen support. The mediums I use include charcoal, colored pencils, pastels and oils.